Surgical Needle Manufacturer

Surgical Needle ManufacturerBuying Custom Needles From The Right Manufacturer

When it comes to surgery, no matter what the illness, condition or injury, it pays to have a reliable, reputable surgical needle manufacturer on your side.   Getting custom needles created for your specific needs has turned into a highly competitive industry.  Fortunately, the best surgical needle manufacturers have taken the time and effort to prove their commitment to quality and the exacting standards of the medical profession to be able to deliver on their results from start to finish.

The highest quality surgical needle manufacturers will comply with all FDA requirements and be ISO 9001 and FDA licensed and certified – showing a strong dedication to providing quality products at fair prices and within the shortest lead time possible.  A reputable surgical needle manufacturer knows that the medical profession demands excellence and promptness of its suppliers.

Custom Surgical Needles For Sutures

No matter what shape of surgical needle you need – whether straight, 1/4 circle, 3/8 circle, ski or curved, you should be able to clearly explain your needs to your surgical needle manufacturer without being concerned about a language or extreme time zone difference.  Many of the cheap surgical needle manufacturers understand this and try not to draw much emphasis to it.  Furthermore, you should be able to work with the manufacturer to determine the point geometry of your needle.  For example, should it be tapered? Is it a cutting needle or reverse cutting needle?  Does it have a trocar point or taper-cut?  Does it have side cutting or spatula points.  Furthermore, how much force can the needle withstand?

Guidelines For Surgical Needle Manufacturers

There are specific guidelines behind the technology used for every custom surgical needle order.  The amount of force the suture can withstand is quantified by the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) – under Needle Pull Specifications.  Your surgical needle manufacturer should also work with you to go over the types of thread materials available and the absorbability of the thread.  All needle materials must be hypoallergenic and cannot allow fluids or infection to build up around the area.  Some needle threads are biodegradable and other sutures are coated with an antimicrobial gel or other substance to help minimize infection.

Taking The Next Step Toward Ordering From A Surgical Needle Manufacturer

Knowing the type of needle, the metal used, the thread and the absorbability as well as other features of the custom surgical needle you have in mind should be expertly and carefully handled by the manufacturer.  Look for surgical needle manufacturers who can offer complete research and development services while keeping you informed of the progress and delivery in a timely manner.   No matter which surgical needle manufacturer you choose, the end results should be perfect for the particular use you have envisioned.  And as you study your new custom needles – consider the fact that we’ve come a long way from using old-fashioned catgut (sheep intestines) and plant fibers to help heal wounds faster!  Using today’s strict requirements and advances in technology, a custom surgical needle manufacturer could be your best ally in the fight against disease and infection.