Hypodermic Needle Manufacturer

Hypodermic Needle ManufacturerThe word hypodermic comes from a combination of Greek words meaning “under skin”.  Together with syringes, hypodermic needles inject a substance into the body or take substances out – such as blood from a vein.  Modern day hypodermic needles have been around since the mid 1800’s, but were very crude compared to the wide variety of needles available today.

Because hypodermic needles are often used in catastrophic or traumatic events that could result in blood loss or shock, or when needing to rapidly deliver fluids into the body, it’s important to work with a skilled, dependable and reputable hypodermic needle manufacturer to ensure you have the custom needles you need on hand in case of an emergency.

Types Of Hypodermic Needles

Hypodermic needles typically come with different beveled and tapered ends.  There’s the standard bevel, short bevel and true short bevel – each with a different degree of sharpness to puncture the skin and allow for fast delivery of liquid into or out of the body.  Hypodermic needles are used with syringes and color-coded Luer connectors to help increase sterility and safety in the injection point. When working with custom hypodermic needle manufacturers, there are several points to take into consideration when getting hypodermic needles crafted for your specific needs.

Hypodermic Needle Gauges And Uses

The diameter of the needle depends upon the needle gauge.  The most common types range from 7 (largest) to 33 (smallest).  Different gauge needles are used depending on whether blood is being drawn from the body or transfused.  Your hypodermic needle manufacturer will work with you to research and develop the proper gauge of the needle to either allow more blood to be collected in less time, or in cases of blood transfusion, a larger gauge to help prevent rupturing of the red blood cells.  You will also need to discuss whether or not the needles will be disposable or reusable depending on the application that the needles will be used for.

Hypodermic Needle Manufacturers And Non Specialist Use Of Needles

Most orders received by a hypodermic needle manufacturer are intended for use by the medical community, however in some cases there are requirements for needles to be able to be used by the patients themselves, such as in the case of an asthmatic or allergic reaction, type one diabetics or patients with multiple sclerosis.   Different needles can be manufactured for specific requirements such as for catheters or intravenous use.  Depending on the size, bevel and diameter of the needle, different colored connectors are used, commonly called Luer Lock connections.  Together with these connections, an aluminum or plastic hub is typically used to attach the needle to the syringe.

Your hypodermic needle manufacturer should be able to supply you with a full list of needle gauges, connectors, syringes, bevels and other necessities to manufacture hypodermic needles to your specifications.  The best hypodermic needle manufacturers have passed rigorous and stringent requirements including ISO:9001, FDA and USP certifications among others.  Choose wisely – as your patient’s life may depend on it!